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by Greg Stone
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Chevrolet dealerships offer a detailed regular schedule of services for owners of Chevrolet cars. These services strive to keep the car running at an optimum level for over 100,000 miles. Car owners who purchase a Chevrolet from a dealership can often receive greatly reduced rates for having their cars regularly serviced at the dealership. Keeping track of when each of these services occur will help the vehicle run efficiently and last longer.

Maintenance I

Maintenance I and II services generally occur alternately every 3,000 miles or three months. Or they occur when the service engine light comes on and the last service was a maintenance II program. Dealership mechanics will change the engine oil and filter during the maintenance I service. In addition, they will visually inspect for leaks and damage to the vehicle. The air cleaner filter will be inspected and replaced if necessary. Tires will be rotated and checked for proper inflation levels. They will inspect the brakes and check fluid levels on engine coolant and windshield washer.

Maintenance II

After another 3,000 miles, three months or when the service engine soon light comes on, and after the maintenance I was the last service, the dealership will perform a maintenance II program. They will change engine oil and filter and rotate tires. They will check both tire pressure and wear. The mechanic will replace the cabin air filter on the passenger side of the vehicle, if equipped. An inspection on the air cleaner filter will be performed and replaced as needed. They will also inspect steering and suspension systems, wiper blades and the throttle system. They will lubricate suspension and body points and check various fluid levels.

30,000-Mile Service

Chevrolet dealerships often refer to the 30,000-mile service as the first major tuneup service offered. Certain fluids might be replaced, including brake, transmission and engine coolant. Spark plugs, air filters and the fuel filter also may be replaced. Check with the dealership on possible recall and warranty work that might need to be performed. The service will also include more detailed brake and tire inspection, with possible replacement.

60,000-Mile Service

Chevrolet service managers refer to the 60,000-mile service as the most expensive and major service offered. It includes the same service as the 30,000-mile service but with some additions. The mechanics check and usually replace the transmission filter if equipped, replace differential fluid and the timing belt and perform a valve adjustment. They inspect drive belts, hoses, motor mounts and suspension. If the car owner does not have extended warranty on his vehicle, this can end up being a costly service.

100,000-Mile Service

The 100,000-mile service involves minor service, unless the mechanic finds problem areas. They change oil and filter, rotate tires, perform a safety inspection and lubricate points. They also check brakes, belts and hoses. They look for any fluid leaks and listen for abnormal noises.

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