How to Recharge the R134 System When Overcharged

by Peter Grant

If you've overcharged your air conditioning system with R134a refrigerant, you needn't recharge the air conditioning system. Since you have introduced excess refrigerant, you just need to reduce its pressure so that it meets the appropriate amount set forth by your car's manufacturer. This can be done by monitoring the pressure levels of the refrigerant in your air conditioning system as you slowly drain refrigerant from the air conditioning lines in your engine. An overcharged air conditioning will often not work at all or will have refrigeration lines that freeze.

Step 1

Attach the pressure monitor to the high-pressure fill nipple on your air conditioning lines. These air conditioning lines are the same ones you used to charge up the air conditioning system initially. The high pressure fill nipple will be indicated by a "HI" or similar, marketing nearby or on the air conditioning line itself.

Step 2

Remove any caps that may be covering the low pressure fill nipple on your air conditioning lines to reveal the fill nipple.

Step 3

Press down on the pin at the center of the fill nipple using the thin screwdriver. This will release refrigerant from your system.

Step 4

Continue to apply pressure on the fill nipple with your screwdriver until the air pressure monitor reaches the appropriate pressure level as set forth by your car's manufacturer.

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