How to Recharge your Cars Air Conditioner for less than $20

by braniac

This is to help anyone who has gotten into their car in the heat of summer and went "not today for the ac to go out." Instead of paying a auto garage $80-$120 to recharge it this will help you do it yourself for only a few dollars.

This is designed to help a do it yourselfer to recharge their own air conditioning in their car. The first step we need to do is get in our hot car and head to Walmart or Kmart (these two because they are the lowest price). We need to purchase a product labeled EZ charge 134 with the hose connector. If you have no cold air blowing buy an extra can to put in.

Now we need to open our hood and look for our air conditioner compressor. Coming from the compressor is a hose with a fitting that looks like the picture. Attach the EZ Charge to the fitting and start the car engine.

Now we need to turn the AC on high with the fan on high. Go to the canister and screw the valve all the way into the can to break the seal. Once the can is punctured then unscrew the same valve to start the flow of the recharge. Holding the can, shake it mildly holding it at an angle and you should feel it slowly empty out of the can. After the first can is empty. See if your air is blowing cold, if it is you are done, if not empty the second can into the car.


  • close Make sure to heed the warnings on the can of EZ Charge.

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