How to Recharge a Battery Booster Pack

by Kallie Johnson
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Battery booster packs, also known as jump starters, are portable devices that can be used to restart dead vehicle batteries. Simply place the jumper cables onto the battery, power on the battery booster pack and attempt to start your vehicle. Using power from a rechargeable battery, the booster pack can jump start the battery. It should be recharged after each use, or at least once every six months, to ensure it is fully powered and the battery is working correctly.

Step 1

Insert the power adapter into the outlet on the battery booster pack. The outlet is typically located on the side or back of the unit.

Step 2

Insert the opposite end of the power adapter into a power source. Depending on the type of adapter, this can be an electrical outlet or cigarette lighter outlet.

Step 3

Charge until the rechargeable battery in the battery booster pack is full. Battery booster packs typically have a battery status light that indicates whether the battery is charging or completely charged. Depending on the brand and model you own, the light may blink while charging and then go solid when charging is complete, the light may change color from red (for charging) to green when charging is complete or the unit may have two separate indicator lights, one to show it is charging and another to show it is fully charged.

Step 4

Tug on the power adapter to remove it from the battery booster pack once the battery is charged.

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