How to Rebuild a Jeep Ax5 Transmission

by Sameca Pandova
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The AX-5 is a light duty manual transmission used by Jeep primarily in the Wrangler model in the 1980's. The AX-5 was later relegated to four cylinder YJ and TJ Wranglers. This is a very simple transmission by modern standards, but rebuilding an AX-5 is still a complicated process best attempted by an experienced home mechanic. Note that the AX-5 is distinct from the AX-15, which is a different five speed transmission used by Jeep.

Step 1

Remove the transmission from the Jeep and drain the transmission fluid. Remove the six bolts securing the flywheel to the input shaft, and pull the torque converter off the front input shaft.

Step 2

Remove the front half of the AX-5 transmission case. Remove the rear casing by removing the 7 bolts and 1 nut around the case perimeter, then the slave cylinder and front input shaft plate from the transmission body. Remove the gears from the rear section first. Next unbolt the main shaft plate and pull out the remaining AX-5 internals.

Step 3

Examine the internals to identify worn or damaged components. If any of the transmission gears are missing teeth or have sheared, its necessary to source fresh gears, because a rebuild kit will include replacement wear items only. Remove the transmission pan and inspect the valve body to make sure it is in good operating condition, and that the fluid channels on the valve body are clean and not damaged.

Step 4

Replace the transmission clutch pack and bearings with units from the rebuild kit. Take care to properly align the bearings on the input shaft. Once the clutch pack and bearings have been installed, reinstall the flywheel, then join the bell housing and the T-chase together, prior to re-mounting the transmission in the Jeep.

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