How to Rebuild an ATV Carburetor

by Bob White
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Your ATV's engine requires an exact mixture of air and fuel to operate efficiently. It's the carburetor's job to provide this mixture to the cylinders for combustion. As a carburetor ages its internal components become worn and dirty. Its rubber seals and gaskets also age and can leak fuel into the engine compartment. If your ATV has a poor idle, or is fouling plugs, it may be time to rebuild the carburetor.

Step 1

Find a work bench that is in a well-ventilated room. When rebuilding a carburetor, a small amount of fuel is bound to spill. Having old rags nearby can help minimize the mess.

Step 2

Take apart the carburetor with wrenches and hex head keys. Lay out each of the components on the table in a way that makes it easy to put back together. Taking pictures of the disassembling procedures can help with the reassembly process.

Step 3

Change the old parts in the carburetor with the new matching parts from the carburetor kit. Most kits are generic and you may have extra parts you don't need.

Step 4

Clean each part of the carburetor by spraying it with carburetor cleaner and wiping it with clean rags. The float bowl requires additional attention because it is typically very dirty.

Step 5

Replace the original o-rings and seals with the new ones from the kit. Pull them out of their slots with your hands and push the new ones back in. Be gentle when inserting the new rings, so you don't damage them.

Step 6

Reassemble the carburetor, reversing the process used to take it apart. Refer to the pictures taken if you forget how something goes back together.

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