Rear End Problems of a Nissan Titan

by Lyle Burwell
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Since its debut in 2004, the Nissan Titan has not been the subject of many recalls beyond some seat belt issues and a poorly pinned brake pedal. One Titan problem not related to a recall is associated with real axle seals.

The Problem

The rear axle of the Titan has been the subject of numerous consumer complaints. According to, the problem is the rear axle seal. This rubber seal at the joint of the wheel and axle leaks, draining away lubricant intended to keep the differential 100 percent lubricated 100 percent of the time.

Hard to Diagnose

Rear axle assemblies are sealed units. Because no maintenance should be required for the life of the car, mechanics rarely deal with them. You can tell if an axle seal is faulty because it will leave an oily coating on the inside of the tire.

Fixing a Faulty Axle Seal

By the time an axle seal has leaked enough lubricant for the driver to notice differential problems such as noises, odors or turning difficulties, the damage has been done. The entire axle assembly must be replaced, differential included.


The Titan is a class of vehicle called a 4X4, so has two differentials and four axle seals. The complaints about leaking are focused on the rear axle, which is the axle that does the most work, but there are some reports also concerning leaky seals on the front axle. For safety, if you check one, check them all.

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