How to Get Rain-X Off a Windshield

by Kathleen Lake
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The chemical makeup of Rain-X means it takes special steps to remove it. Rain-X is a brand name for an automobile product that repels water from glass. It leaves an invisible waterproofing that survives weather and washing for several weeks. In a moving vehicle during a rainstorm, Rain-X aids windshield wipers by making rain blow off the glass in a curtain, rather than dripping down the surface. But old or improperly applied Rain-X can become smeary and obscure vision in sunshine.

Step 1

Prepare your windshield. Dust off, then wipe down your windshield with a wet lint-free rag and a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid.

Step 2

Apply a slightly abrasive cleanser to a wet sponge. Use a cleanser that does not scratch surfaces -- most will state on the label if they don’t. Rain-X contains a silicon bonding agent, which is why it can repel water so smoothly. Soap and water won’t break it, so be sure your cleanser has some scrubbing power.

Step 3

Scrub a small test area on a far corner of your windshield. Remember that the cleanser should go on your sponge and not right on the windshield. Use a gentle circular motion. Check for scratches. If there are none, your cleanser has the right amount of abrasion.

Step 4

Scrub down your whole windshield as long as the cleanser seems safe. Keep your sponge and cleanser very wet to avoid scratching.

Step 5

Rinse your windshield with fresh cold water.

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