How to Put Transmission Fluid in a Jeep Cherokee

by Marlo Peterson
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Transmission fluid must be checked every week to keep your Jeep Cherokee running properly; it adds lubrication to the transmission and allows your Jeep to switch gears safely. Jeep Cherokees require Automatic Transmission Fluid 4 (ATF 4) and mechanics recommend that fluid be changed entirely every 30,000 miles or as your vehicle performance dictates. Make certain your Jeep Cherokee is on level ground before adding or checking fluid.

Step 1

Engage the parking brake on your vehicle. Also make sure the car is in "Park." Make sure your car is parked on level ground before proceeding, ensuring stability of your vehicle and an accurate fluid-level reading.

Step 2

Start the Jeep and let it idle for about 15 minutes. Transmission fluid must be checked while your engine is at operating temperature in order for the fluid level to be accurate. Letting your car sit gives the engine time to heat up.

Step 3

Pop the hood and locate the dipstick near your car's transmission. This will be located at the rear of the engine. The dipstick will contain a colored circle at the top, usually yellow or red.

Step 4

Remove the dipstick and wipe off any transmission fluid. You must clean off this fluid so that, when you reinsert the dipstick, any fluid left on the stick will accurately reflect the level in your transmission. Any fluid on your dipstick at this point is just excess and does not reflect a proper fluid-level readout.

Step 5

Replace the dipstick. Wait 3 seconds to allow fluid to fall in place, pull the dipstick and measure the fluid levels.

Step 6

Check to make sure that your transmission fluid reaches the "HOT" arrow. If it doesn't, add more transmission fluid.

Step 7

Place a funnel over the tube where the dipstick is housed and slowly pour transmission fluid, allowing it to flow into the fluid well. Repeat the process by adding more fluid and checking the dipstick until it reaches the "HOT" arrow.

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