How to Pull the Harmonic Balancer on a Dodge Truck

by Will Chandler

A slight rattle or an annoying belt squeak are just two of the sounds you may hear if you have an issue with the harmonic balancer in your Dodge truck. The harmonic balancer is a pulley system that keeps the serpentine belts in the truck turning smoothly while eliminating vibration. After inspecting the drive belts of your truck, you may notice that the belts are frayed or damaged. This can be caused by a faulty harmonic balancer.

Step 1

Raise the hood of your Dodge truck and prop it open. Remove the 1-1/4-inch center bolt from the harmonic balancer, which attaches it to the crankshaft. A breaker bar attached to the socket will provide enough torque to remove the bolt.

Step 2

Align the harmonic balancer removal tool over the top of the pulley. Some removal tools will have bolts that hold onto the pulley, while others will have claws that pull the pulley off the crankshaft. The removal tool can be turned with an open-end wrench or socket and ratchet depending on the removal tool.

Step 3

Turn the removal tool counterclockwise to remove the harmonic balancer. If the harmonic balancer does not come off, add leverage, such as a breaker bar, to turn the removal tool.

Step 4

Install the new harmonic balancer according to the manufacturer's recommended specifications. It is also recommended that you use thread locker when you install the new pulley system. Vibrations can cause the bolts to come loose if thread locker is not used.

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