PT Cruiser Timing Belt Problems

by Brock Cooper

PT Cruisers, like most cars and trucks, have timing belts that turn the camshaft. Over time, the timing belt can fail leaving the car driving poorly and the belt must be replaced.


The function of a timing belt on a PT Cruiser is to turn the camshaft exactly one half the speed of the crankshaft. The camshaft must be aligned properly as it controls the intake and exhaust associated with the movement of the engine pistons.


There are two main problems associated with the timing belt. The belt can break over time, causing the car to not start or shut down if it breaks in transit. The other problem is the belt can become worn and either slip or stretch out, ruining the timing and can cause the car to run badly.


When the PT Cruiser's timing belt goes bad, it must be replaced. If the belt breaks while driving, it can cause damage to the engine and valves, meaning added expense and repairs.

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