How to Protect a Vehicle Dashboard From UV Damage

by Josh Baum

When you see those cars with UV shields in the windshield, you may assume that the drivers are just trying to ward off the unpleasantness of getting into a steamy hot car. But some may be more concerned about the dashboard. With prolonged exposure to UV rays, nearly all car dashboards will fade and some may start to crack and peel. If you don't want to bother with the hassle of an oversized shield, you can just give your dashboard the same treatment you'd give yourself before a day at the beach.

Dampen a sponge with water and use it to thoroughly wipe down the dashboard of the car. The goal is to pick up every speck of dust and dirt.

Dry the damp dashboard with paper towels.

Squirt some high SPF sunscreen directly onto the dashboard and spread it around with a soft cloth. Add more sunscreen as needed to ensure that all areas of the dashboard get coated evenly, but wipe off any excess at the end.

Allow the sunscreen to absorb into the vinyl for about four hours.

Apply liquid vinyl protectant to the dashboard and rub it in with another soft cloth. You should defer to the instructions on the label but most of these solutions simply require you to rub in the solution in a thin and even layer.


  • check The use of a cardboard or synthetic windshield guard is another effective means of protecting your dashboard.


  • close Do not attempt this method on leather dashboards.

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