Pros & Cons to a Rebuilt Motor

by Afua SaafirUpdated July 11, 2023
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Rebuilt, or remanufactured engines, are comprised of parts from older engines that have been rejuvenated and reassembled. Consumers often find that the pros outweigh the cons of purchasing a rebuilt engine for their vehicle.


The costs resulting from a broken down car engine can be quite high. Whether you choose to get the engine repaired or have a new one installed, you can expect to spend big bucks. Even if you decide to trade the car in for a new vehicle, your monthly payments may be draining on your budget. Rebuilt engines are often a much more cost effective option.


Rebuilt engines differ from used engines. Used engines may have had small repairs made to them. All the critical components in rebuilt engines have either been repaired or completely replaced, and generally meet or exceed the original performance standards, offering long-term reliability.


When you choose to replace your vehicle's old, damaged engine with a rebuilt version, you are making an environmentally-friendly decision. A rebuilt engine can extend the life of your vehicle, thus reducing the need for you to purchase a new one. This helps to reduce the energy and resources used in manufacturing new vehicles.

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