How to Program a Nissan Altima Remote

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Nissan Altima models 1997 to 2006 have an owner-programmable remote keyless entry system.The third-generation Altima (2007 to 2010), requires a dealer scan tool to complete the programming procedure. If your Altima is a 2007 to 2010 model, visit your nearest Nissan dealer to have the keyless remote programmed. Otherwise, you can program a replacement remote at home in less than five minutes. The replacement remote must be specifically for a Nissan Altima. Generic remotes, even other Nissan remotes, are not compatible with the Altima's keyless entry module.

Step 1

Lock your Altima's doors by pressing the "Lock" button on your door control panel.

Step 2

Place your key in the ignition, and quickly remove it. Repeat this five more times (a total of six times) within 10 seconds.

Step 3

Place your key in the ignition again. Turn it to position two (examine your ignition to see the label).

Step 4

Press any button on the remote you want to program. The emergency lights will flash, which indicates the programming procedure is successful.

Turn the key to "Off" (position zero) to exit programming mode.

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