The Best Products to Stop a Crankshaft Oil Seal Leak

by Stephen Andrew Baldwin
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There are no miracle products on the market that can permanently stop or plug an oil leak by just adding them to your oil mixture, at least not without damaging your engine. Typically these products are designed for short-term use to temporarily plug the leak until you can properly replace the seal. They should not be used in your engine more than a couple of days.

Stop Leak

There is no liquid fix for a crankshaft oil leak. Stop leak products seem enticing as many promise to seal or protect against engine damage, but most automotive experts will disagree. Many of these products contain abrasives to help temporarily seal small leaks, but they will do nothing for any major oil leak. They can also clog oil passages. Abrasive additives can damage engine parts in a short period of time. Many of these products can serve as a short-term solution, but they should not be used more than a couple of days. Their intended use is to preserve the vehicle until it can be delivered to a mechanic.

ATP Sealer

Among the many brands of stop leak intended for use in your engine, the most highly regarded is made by ATP. Because ATP's AT205 Sealer is designed to not block oil passages, it might be the best product for the job. But even this sealer is only a temporary fix. Unlike the other thick gunk products that cause added friction within your engine, AT205 is available in a spray aerosol can and as a fluid additive.

New Crankshaft Seal

The only way to stop a crankshaft oil leak is to replace the leaking seal with a new one. The best plan for those with limited experience is to bring the vehicle to a licensed professional who can accurately diagnose the cause of the oil leak and likely replace the seal. Though the seal is a fairly inexpensive part, labor costs can be expensive. This option also can be an excellent opportunity for a mechanic to replace other engine parts, like the clutch or water pump, depending on where the leak is in your case.

With the proper guidance, the installation of a new crankshaft seal can easily be performed by an avid do-it-yourself enthusiast. For many vehicles, you may be able to repair the problem by replacing the front main seal. Depending on your vehicle, you may have to pull numerous parts, such as the radiator, to access the seal. Haynes repair manuals are a great resource. Haynes manuals are written to specific makes and models of vehicles to assist with everything from routine maintenance to do-it-yourself repairs. The Haynes manual lists the step-by-step operations needed to repair engine parts, including a crankshaft seal.

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