Does Power Steering Stop Leak Work?

by Jay Motes
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Power steering stop leak is an additive that is poured directly into the power steering pump's fluid reservoir. Power steering stop leak will work to stop only certain types of power steering leaks.

Stop Leak Applications

Power steering stop leak is designed to soften and swell seals and O-rings (round rubber gaskets that seal hose and line connections). As seals and O-rings age, they can become brittle and shrink, allowing fluid to escape around them. Stop leak will not repair seals or O-rings that are broken.

Leaks Requiring Repair

Power steering stop leak is designed to treat leaks in seals, not to repair larger leaks caused by physical breaks. Power steering lines and hoses, the pump housing, and the pump bearings can all leak, and these will require a physical repair or replacement to stop the leak.

Tips for Using Stop Leak

Power steering stop leak will treat a specific amount of power steering fluid. Vehicle owners need to make certain that they are using enough stop leak for their system. Power steering stop leak can also be used as a preventive measure to keep seals properly conditioned.

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