Cheap Fix for Catalytic Converters

by Marcus Baker
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Installing catalytic converters on vehicles does a great service to the environment, as they are responsible for cleaning the pollution that comes from your vehicle's combustion engine. Reducing auto emissions takes place when a catalytic converter is working properly, while damaged converters may require cheap fixes or replacement.

Fix vs. Replace

Simply replacing a catalytic converter is often just a temporary fix. When a converter goes bad, other things are often to blame such as bad spark plugs. If these go unfixed, a new converter will go bad due to these underlying issues.

Sensor Fix

Damaging the oxygen sensor results when silicone is allowed to come into contact with a catalytic converter. A smoking exhaust pipe letting out white fumes is a sign that this is occurring. You can fix this problem cheaply by sealing the source of entry for the silicone, which is often through a leak in the head gasket. Products are available that you can pour into the radiator to seal the leak.

Phosphorus Fix

Failing an emissions test will likely result from heavy phosphorus contamination to your catalytic converter. Smoking blue fumes coming from your exhaust pipe will often indicate if this is indeed happening. You can fix or contain this issue by switching to an "SJ"-type motor oil as opposed to the "SH"-rated type, which contains higher levels of phosphorus.

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