Problems with the Cadillac SRX

by Peter Lancett

The Cadillac SRX is a five-door Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) first introduced to the market in 2004. This SUV was offered with two engine options, a V6 and a more powerful V8, and two gearbox options featuring either five speed or six speed automatic transmission. Despite the fact that Cadillac is a considered a luxury car manufacturer, the SRX has suffered problems that have led to several product recalls since its introduction.

Accelerator Pedal

On February 9th 2005, a recall notice was issued to owners of over 19,000 models of the Cadillac SRX manufactured in 2004 to correct a problem with the accelerator pedal. Pedals on these units had a problem with their return springs, meaning that the car engine did not return to its idle speed in under three seconds as required by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 124. The practical effect of this is that the stopping distance of the vehicle is longer than anticipated and greater pressure on the brake pedal is needed.

Steering Linkage

Approximately 41,000 models were affected by a problem with the steering assembly where washers made of the wrong material were used in the manufacture of the assembly. These washers could fracture and fall away from the assembly, leading to excessive play in the control arm. In extreme situations, the wheel assembly could fall away from the car with the possibility of it severing the hydraulic brake hose, and the car may be involved in a crash. A recall notice was issued on June 9th, 2004.

Antilock Brakes

On some all-wheel drive models of the SRX, a problem with the antilock brake system meant that even though the driver was pressing on the brake pedal, only the antilock brake system would operate for one and a quarter seconds and the main braking system would not begin to work until after this time. The result of this would be an increase in the distance needed to stop the car, which could result in a crash. The problem was caused by the computer software controlling the antilock braking system, and a recall on March 29th 2004 allowed dealers to re-program this system.

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