How to Prevent Car Battery Corrosion With Vaseline

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Corrosion can be destructive to your car battery. Preventing car battery corrosion can save you a lot of money in repairs and car battery replacement. Luckily, the common household product Vaseline can help save you the headache of dealing with premature corrosion.

Find a clean wire brush used for car cleaning and repair. Grab a regular tub of Vaseline from your medicine cabinet.

Conduct regular battery service on your car battery. Make sure your car battery is working properly and isn't in need of major repairs. If your car battery needs to be changed, replace it with a new one.

Locate the terminals on the car battery.

Disassemble the terminals.

Use a wire brush to painstakingly clean them. Clean each crevice and side so that no corrosion accumulation remains.

Reassemble the car terminals with car battery.

Coat the terminals generously with Vaseline so that all parts of the terminals are protected against corrosion.

Clean your hands with soap and water. Pat dry.

Turn on your car after awhile to verify that your car functions as it should.


  • close Do not use grease to coat the car terminals. Using grease is an undesirable method to try to prevent car corrosion and may damage the terminals.
  • close Avoid coating the terminals with too much Vaseline. Coat the terminals with just enough Vaseline to prevent car corrosion but not to impair terminal function.

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