How to Prepare an RV for Summer Storage

by Kimberly Johnson

The term RV, which stands for recreational vehicle, applies to any large camper-style vehicle that contains its own motor. Although some owners use their RVs year-round, others only drive them for part of the year. When the RV is not in use, store it properly to prevent the deterioration of parts. Before storing the RV for the summer, you'll take many of the steps you'd take to prepare the vehicle for winter storage.


Fill tires to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer if they are low.


Lower all blinds to prevent the interior from the sun and fading. Place a sun shield in the front windshield, if the windshield is not equipped with a blind.


Vacuum the interior to remove crumbs and debris. Any food particle left on the floor or upholstery can attract insects and animals. Also remove any stains with a carpet-cleaning solution or upholstery cleaner, and a sponge. Stains allowed to sit while in storage may become permanent.


Wash the outside of the RV with soap, water and a long-handled scrub brush. Scrub the top of the RV as well; use a stepladder for this.


Remove the awning, if applicable, and wash with soap and water to remove stains. Allow the awning to dry thoroughly before placing it back on the RV.


Spray roof seams and window seals with a garden hose to check for leaks. Search the interior for moisture. Seal any leaks with a silicone sealant or replace the rubber gaskets.


Detach the gas tank from the RV. Also remove all appliances' electrical plugs from the outlets.


Remove all food items from the interior of the RV; this includes items in the refrigerator and freezer. Defrost the freezer and wipe out the interior of both the refrigerator and freezer with a damp cloth.


Open all draws, cabinets and doors to prevent moisture buildup and to help regulate the temperature. Don't forget to also open the refrigerator and freezer doors.


Replace the air conditioning filter with a clean filter and place a cover over the exterior portion of the air conditioner. Covers are available at any RV supply store.


Fill the RV with gas and add a fuel stabilizer product available at any auto supply store.


Detach the battery from the RV. Check the charge on the battery at least once per month and recharge it if needed.


Change the oil or have it changed by a professional.

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