Polaris Scrambler Fluid Specs

by Gus Stephens

The Polaris Scrambler is a four-wheel-drive sport ATV introduced in 1995 and still in production. Powered by a 498cc four-stroke motor, the Scrambler remains one of the most powerful ATVs on the market. Its constant velocity automatic transmission has a single forward gear with a range wide enough for flats or hill-climbing, plus neutral and reverse. Polaris All Wheel Drive offers user-selectable two-wheel or four-wheel drive operation. Rear wheels are chain-driven and the front wheels are driven by a shaft. The Scrambler has a tubular steel chassis, MacPherson strut front suspension and a mono-shock swing-arm in the rear.

Engine Oil Specifications

Polaris recommends using synthetic 2W-50 engine oil. Polaris PS-4 Plus Performance oil (or any other recognized brand) may be used. Do not substitute another viscosity, however. After an initial break-in oil change at 20 hours, Polaris recommends regular oil and filter changes every 100 hours or 1000 miles, whichever comes first. Engine oil capacity is 2 qt.

Transmission Oil Specifications

Polaris specifies the use of Polaris Pure AGL Plus synthetic gearcase lubricant. The transmission oil level should be checked every 25 hours of operation. Once a year, drain the transmission and refill with fresh lubricant. Capacity of the transmission is 32 oz.

Front Gearcase Oil Specifications

The front gearcase should be filled with Polaris Demand Drive Plus fluid. The capacity is 9 oz. Check the gearcase oil level every 25 hours of operation and change the oil annually.

Coolant System

The Scrambler maintenance schedule calls for a complete coolant system drain and refill every two years. Polaris recommends Polaris Premium 60/40 antifreeze/coolant or a 50/50 mixture of other commercially available, aluminum compatible antifreeze/coolant and distilled water.

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