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by Regina Sass
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The Polaris company offers a wide selection of Rangers. There are models for work and models for sport. Polaris has been in business for over 50 years, and has an excellent reputation. Their website allows you to customize each Ranger to make it fit your wants and needs. Here are a few more facts about Polaris Rangers.


The history of the Polaris Rangers goes back to 1954 when the company designed their first snowmobile. In 1984, Polaris added their first ATV to the line. The Ranger made its first appearance in the 1990s along with their line of motorcycles and water craft.


There are three different series of Polaris Rangers. The 500 series has one model, the Ranger 500 4x4. The 700 Series has five models: Ranger XP, Ranger HD, Ranger Crew, Ranger 6x6 and the Ranger Limited Editions. The 800/Youth series has four models: Ranger RZR, Ranger RZRS, Ranger RZR Special editions and the Ranger RZR 170.


The Ranger 4x4 is a workhorse. It has a cargo box that can hold up to 1,000 lbs. and it can tow up to 1,500 lbs. It is powered by a 30 HP 499cc 4-valve engine, and the suspension makes for a surprisingly smooth ride. The Ranger XP has a bit more power than the 4x4. It has the same size cargo box, but can tow up to 1,750 lbs. It has a 40 HP, 682 cc engine. The Ranger HD and Crew are the only vehicles of their type that have seating for 6. They are powered by a 40 HP 693 cc engine, and has a 1,500-lb. load capacity and a 2,000-lb. towing capacity. The Crew can hold 1,750 lbs. The Ranger 6x6 has is powered by a 40 HP 683 cc engine and can hold 1,750 lbs. and tow 2,000 lbs., with seating for 3.
The 800/Youth series has more powerful engines than the others, but less load and towing capacity.


The Ranger 4x4 can be used for both work and sport. The Ranger XP is used for hunting, farm work and ranching. The Ranger HD and Crew are used for hunting, farm work and ranching and group trips. The Ranger 6x6 has extra traction because it has 6 wheels instead of 4, and is used for the toughest terrain. The 800/Youth series are used for recreation and trail riding.


The Ranger is not a true ATV. It is a utility vehicle, but it is also used as an ATV for recreation. One of the main considerations is safety. No one should never be allowed to go out alone. Do not buy a vehicle you cannot handle, no matter how cool it looks. Start with a lower powered one and work your way up. The market for used Rangers is very active, so you will have no trouble upgrading when you are ready.

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