Polaris 700 Problems

by Brianna Collins

One of the more powerful Polaris ATV models, the Sportsman 700 utility quad, eventually will need servicing. For owners experiencing problems with the quad's operation, Polaris has included a troubleshooting guide and maintenance instructions within the Sportsman 700 owner's manual.


First check the fuel system if the Sportsman 700 experiences problems. Ensure that the fuel tank contains adequate fuel levels. If not, refuel using either leaded or unleaded gasoline. Gasoline used for the Sportsman 700 should have a pump octane rating of at least 87. Also, ensure that the fuel is fresh and uncontaminated.

Spark Plugs

Unlike other Sportsman models, the Sportsman 700 features two spark plugs located in each of the quad's twin cylinders. Each requires regular adjustments to prevent operational problems. If either spark plug is burnt or damaged, replace it with a new RC7YC plug. Also, set the spark plug gap for each to exactly 0.035 inches.


A discharged or dirty battery can cause starting problems for the Sportsman 500. Remove the battery and clean the terminals using a solution of one tablespoon of baking soda and one cup of water. Allow the terminals to dry before charging the battery to its full 12.8 volts using a separately-powered charger.

Cooling System

Regularly maintain the cooling system to prevent the Sportsman 700 from overheating. If overheating occurs, check the coolant levels in the reserve tank. Refill with a mixture of 50 percent coolant or anti-freeze and 50 percent distilled water as needed. If the reserve tank was completely empty, also refill the coolant levels within the reservoir in the radiator.

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