How to Get Pine Resin Off of a Car

by Jeremiah Blanchard

Anyone who has ever parked their newly detailed car underneath a pine tree knows just how tedious it is to get rid of sticky pine resin or sap. When fresh, the resin is very malleable and quite sticky; however, the removal of this sticky nuisance is easier when it has dried a bit. Fresh resin or sap will smear and smudge into a bigger area of the car surface if rubbed. Letting it dry slightly will allow it to harden and make it easier to remove in one clump without smearing.

Allow the resin to dry for 24 hours.

Hold a quarter between your finger and thumb so that the ridges on the edge are pointing down. Scrape the resin in a sweeping motion back and forth until the resin has been broken up. Not all the resin will come off, but it will reduce in size considerably.

Spray the remaining resin with WD-40 and continue to scrape with the quarter until the surface of the car is exposed through the resin. The quarter will not scratch the paint if a thin film of resin is present.

Wipe the area off with a rag and apply an automotive bug or tar remover. Rub it in vigorously with a soft rag until the remaining resin has disappeared.

Clean the area or just wash the car completely. Apply a wax or polish.

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