How to Pimp Out My Honda Civic

by Hanna Lee Tidd
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Customized cars are popular among car fanatics, particularly those who wish to personalize and modify their car to make it stand out. "Pimped out" cars have been made famous by popular television programs such as the "Pimp My Ride" series on MTV. Virtually any car can be modified in a specialized car garage. The Honda Civic has a very flexible shape, which means that it can be easily customized to suit any taste.

Step 1

Ask an experienced mechanic to upgrade the suspension. Install a stiffer set of lowering springs to lower the car's center of gravity. The shocks will need to be stiffened to cope with the lowered height. This will improve handling of the car.

Step 2

Instruct the mechanic to add a urethane body kit. A body kit, otherwise known as an aero kit, has pieces that enhance the car's aerodynamics. The majority of Honda Civic body kits are made from fiberglass, but urethane is lighter and looks more sleek. Depending on your budget, pieces can be applied to the front spoiler and grille, side skirts, a rear diffuser spoiler and a rear wing.

Step 3

Customize the body paint with a chrome glaze or frantic-patterned paint to personalize the body. If you do not have the equipment to spray-paint the car yourself, take it to a body spray garage and show them pictures of designs that you like.

Step 4

Customize the interior by installing an oversize aluminum shift knob and matching pedal covers. Match the color of these pieces to the color of the body art. Alternatively, use chrome, which looks good with all colors.

Step 5

Purchase alloy wheels of the same width as the stock wheels. If you purchase a wider alloy wheel, make sure the wheel has the same backspace to allow an equal distance from the brake caliper and suspension part. If you do not feel confident installing the modified wheels yourself, ask a mechanic to install them at the garage.

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