The Best Pickup Seat Covers

by Tom Ryan

Using a seat cover for the interior of any vehicle is a sound decision--it either covers blemishes and damage or protects your investment from the elements, pets, passengers and more. Properly protecting your vehicle's seat is even more important in trucks, which typically are used for more heavy-duty fare, such as off-road driving and construction work. To keep your seats safe from wear and tear, find the highest-quality seat covers available--although there are budget options, anything less than the best material and fit might not suffice.

Proper Fit

A seat cover's fit is the way it is shaped and how well it hugs the car seat. There are three types of fit: custom, semi-custom and universal. Although custom is the best fit, the best choice for you depends on your priorities. A universal fit is the most affordable and least durable option. It covers a wide range of seats because of its stretchy material--your material of choice covers only the seating area, and the rest of the cover is made of flexible polyester A semi-custom fit is second-best--it hugs the seat a little tighter. More of the cover--the seating area and the front--is made of your material of choice, and the rest is stretchy polyester. The highest-quality seat cover is a custom fit. It is completely custom-made to your seat, so it doesn't t rely on polyester to secure it. Instead, it is made entirely from your material of choice.


The material you choose for your truck's seat cover depends on your priorities. There is no universal "best" material for a seat cover because different materials suit different needs. Sheepskin, for example, is a soft and elegant choice. But it is not tough or particularly durable, so it is strictly an option for those seeking comfort. Vinyl is durable, water-resistant and easy to clean. It sports a retro look, but for someone who uses a truck for heavy-duty tasks or dirty work, it is suitably tough. Dorchester seat covers are a good middle ground between durability and class. The fabric is high-quality and tough, but with an understated look.

Specialty Covers and Designs

Certain seat covers are specially designed to suit specific needs. Scottsdale seat covers, for example, are the best choice for pet owners. These covers are water-resistant and are made of the thickest material to protect against claws and nails. Seat covers also come in a variety of aesthetic designs to help drivers best express themselves. Sporty animal and floral prints show a little personality. Camouflage is a practical choice for pickup drivers who hunt--these prints mask dirt, mud and other stains. Some materials, such as cordura, are waterproof, making them the best choice for anyone with the tendency to climb back in the car when wet.

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