How to Perpendicular Park

by Loletrazina Church
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Perpendicular parking can be challenging to new drivers or someone not familiar with measuring driving distances. When parking perpendicular to other cars, the spaces are side by side. So, depending on what side you attempt to enter the space, you need to be able to properly determine how much space you need to park without denting or scratching the cars next to your space. Perpendicular parking is also commonly known as 90-degree parking.

Step 1

With your turn signal on, slowly approach the parking space. Allow at least 8 feet between the cars in the row your parking in and your car.

Step 2

Turn your wheel when the front bumper is beyond the taillights of the car in the space before, and your shoulder is even with the painted line before the parking space.

Step 3

Turn the wheel and slowly enter the space. Straighten your wheels when your hood passes the center of the space.

Step 4

Pull ahead so that your bumper is about a foot from the car in front of you. Make sure the back of your bumper is not sticking out of the space.

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