Performance Upgrades For a Jeep 2.4L

by Dr. Samuel Helms
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Performance upgrades for a Jeep 2.4L Compass or Cherokee include adding airchargers and replacing oil filters and exhaust systems. Some improvements, such as replacing exhaust systems, require you to know more about repairing and servicing cars than most people do. However, other improvements, such as adding airchargers, are easier to carry out.


The Jeep 2.4L Compass's performance can be improved by upgrading the cold air intake. This allows the engine to pull in more air, which increases cylinder compression and improves horsepower. Cold air intakes, or airchargers, also improve gas mileage since they do not require extra fuel in the engine. K&N model 63-1552 fits the Jeep 2.4L Compass and can add almost 8 horsepower. Airchargers are usually easy to install, but are not legal in all 50 states. Check with your state's emission laws to see if they are legal where you live.

Oil Filter

Improved oil filters for Jeep Cherokees, including the 2.4L, come from aFe Power. The filters are designed for rough conditions and can take 600 pounds of force before breaking. According to aFe Power, the 44-LF006 model oil filters have the best filtration of any oil filter on the market, but still allow for great oil flow. This improves engine life and helps the engine run smoother.

Performance Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system is an important performance aspect of the vehicle. Allowing the exhaust to exit more easily increases the vehicle's performance by reducing back pressure on the engine. There are a number of improved exhaust systems for Jeep 2.4L vehicles. Magnaflow offers model 16777 for the 2.4L Compass. As of 2010, the exhaust system runs about $700.

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