How to Perform a Regen on a C2 School Bus

by Cecelia Owens
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Performing regeneration (Regen) on a C2 school bus can make the difference between cleaning your bus for optimal performance and having to take your bus to the station, because the transmission and engine are not functioning. The regen should not be abused, which means that you should only attempt to perform regeneration, if your bus needs it. The regeneration will automatically clean the bus's filter and therefore allow for a safe bus ride. (See Reference 1)

Step 1

Use your key to turn your bus on, and then put the bus in neutral. In addition, put on the parking brake and do not accelerate. (See Reference 1)

Step 2

Check the upper-right part of the electronic dashboard for a "Regen" symbol. If this indication is not lit up, do not regenerate the bus. (See Reference 1)

Step 3

Hold the "Regen" switch five seconds to perform your bus's regeneration. The switch will be on the left side of the steering wheel. The regeneration process is a silent one, but the "Regen" symbol on the dashboard will flash when the process has started. Wait for the process to end to start driving again. (See Reference 1)

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