How to Paint Rims Black

by Jenny Carver

Painting rims black can make them last longer and look better. Rims can get damaged, dinged and scratched from daily driving. Painting them can help cover the damage and protect them from future scratches. Painting rims black also can make them stand out on your vehicle. Most vehicles do not come from the factory with black rims, so black rims catch attention.

Wash the rims in car wash soap to remove any dirt or brake dust. Allow them to dry and then wipe them with paint thinner to remove any teflon coating. Use 120 grit sand paper to sand every surface of the rim that will be painted. Wash the rim again with soap and water to remove the sanding dust. Allow them to dry completely.

Spray black primer on the rims after they have been sanded and cleaned. Use two or three thin coats. Black primer is needed to get the darkest color as an end result. Using a light colored primer will make the paint seem lighter and would be very noticeable if the paint chips or gets scratched.

Paint the rims with three light, even coats of black paint. Spray the entire rim with thing coats so that the paint doesn't run. Runs are very noticeable in black paint. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat.

Clear the wheel with two or three coats of clear. This protects the wheel and adds a glossy shine to the black paint.


  • close Use a face mask when sanding and spraying primer and paint.

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