How to Paint a Rhino Liner

by Wirnani Garner

A Rhino liner is a hardened plastic mold installed on the bed of a pickup truck for added protection against the elements and everyday use. Most basic liners come in black, but some owners wish to change the color to match the truck. The process takes just a few hours. With the proper tools, you can complete the color transformation quickly and easily.

Step 1

Smooth out the Rhino liner using sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper over the entire liner to remove imperfections.

Step 2

Wash the surface with an all-purpose cleaner. Thoroughly clean the surface with a sponge. Spray the liner down with a hose. Allow the liner to dry.

Step 3

Cover the specific areas of the liner you do not want to paint with painter's tape.

Step 4

Lay the tarp out and place the liner on top.

Step 5

Load the paint into the spray gun. Using long and slow side-to-side paint strokes, apply the paint to the liner. Start at one end and work your way back to the other. If you choose to add a second coat, allow at least 24 hours of drying time between each coat. Although not necessary, a second coat of paint will offer a stronger line of defense against chipping of the liner when carrying heavy items.

Step 6

Remove the painter's tape and clean up the area.

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