How to Paint With DuPont ChromaBase Paint

by Rebekah Smith
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DuPont ChromaBase, an automobile paint part of the ChromaSystem, is a basecoat that dries quickly, giving the surface a good fill in an easy-to-use application. ChromaBase is available premixed or factory packaged. It is used for covering repairs or spot repairs in solid and special-effect colors, such as metallics and pearls. ChromaBase is not available to the general public; it is for professional or trained users only.

Step 1

Inspect all of the autobody repairs on the vehicle you are preparing to paint with DuPont ChromaBase paint. Ensure the new and old parts match and all the autobody repairs are completed properly. Check to be sure any part not attached to the vehicle fits properly before painting begins.

Step 2

Clean all paint booths and bays, removing all parts and debris. Remove all wax from the vehicle with a wax remover. Power wash the vehicle you are preparing for painting before driving it into the paint booth or bay. After cleaning, place all parts that will be painted separately from the vehicle in a different paint booth. Be sure the vehicle and all parts are dry before putting them in a paint booth.

Step 3

Remove or cover all areas of the vehicle or vehicle parts that are undamaged and do not need painting. Use paper to cover these areas and secure it in place with masking tape.

Step 4

Mix the ChromaBase with a temperature activation reducing Basemaker, also available through DuPont. The mixture should be one-to-one, or one part ChromaBase and one part Basemaker. Mix thoroughly with a mixing stick. The Basemaker activation reducer must be chosen based on the temperature of the area you will be painting in and the type of cover you need. For instance, Basemaker 7160S is for low temperatures and can be used for spot repair and panel repair but should not be used for overall repair. See the Resources to determine the appropriate Basemaker you need to mix with your ChromaBase paint.

Step 5

Add 1 ounce of ChromaPremier Activator to the mix from Step 4 per quart of the mix. Activate only the amount of paint you intend to use. Mix in no more than 5 percent tint.

Step 6

Fill your paint sprayer and hook it to your air compressor. The air compressor setting will vary depending on the sprayer, so read the manufacturer's instructions. Apply a coat of paint using the sprayer, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Let the paint dry for five to 10 minutes.

Step 7

Apply a second coat within 24 hours if necessary. Let the second coat dry for at least 15 to 30 minutes but not more than 24 hours before applying your clearcoat. Sand any dirt out of the paint after it is dry and spray on a clearcoat.

Step 8

Clean all of your spray painting equipment with DuPont Lacquer Thinner immediately after you finish painting.

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