How to Find Out What Motor Is in My Toyota Tacoma?

by Steven Symes

Toyota has offered its Tacoma pickup truck with different types of engines, including several engine options in the same model. Some Tacomas come with four cylinder engines, while others have six cylinder engines. The size of your Tacoma's engine is important to know if, for example, you are buying parts or shopping for insurance for the truck.

Step 1

Make sure your Tacoma's engine is turned off and that the parking break is engaged. Pull the hood release lever in the truck's cabin.

Step 2

Open the Tacoma's hood. Look for the EPA tune-up sticker, which is located either on the inside of the truck's hood or on the side of the engine compartment.

Step 3

Locate the engine info on the EPA tune-up sticker. The sticker should give the engine's size and number of cylinders.

Step 4

Call a local Toyota dealership if the EPA tune-up sticker is missing on your Tacoma. Make sure to copy down the truck's VIN to give to the dealer, who can then look up your Tacoma's engine information.

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