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How to Find Out How Much Your Car Weighs

by Contributor

There are many reasons you may need to know what your vehicle weighs and there are a few simple resources to find out.

Step 1

Online auto sources that list the specifications of cars and trucks will also generally list the curb weight. Some of those websites are listed below. On Kelley Blue Book, you can search the vehicle by make and model, then select Specifications and it will be listed as Curb Weight. On Edmunds, you will search the vehicle, the Reviews and Specs tab and then Specs and the weight will be found again as Curb Weight. You can also look in most consumer reports that list specs and details of any car.

Step 2

Your vehicle manual should have the weight listed for your particular make and model. Keep in mind that if you have added optional equipment to your car via the dealership or own your own, that weight will probably be additional to the published number in the manual.

Look on the inside of the driver's side door frame for a plate named, "Tire and Loading Information." Most plates will give you the weight of the car.


  • The weight of the car by itself is not the same as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR, which is the maximum weight a vehicle can safely carry when loaded including cargo, passengers and the vehicle itself.

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