How to Operate a Garbage Truck

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills
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There are a few types of garbage trucks, each designed for a specific type of garbage collection. The main standard types are the front loader, rear loader and side loader. Operation of the garbage truck will depend on the type of truck you are driving, with the main difference being how to position the truck. All three types of trucks make use of a loader to pick up the trash bins and a compactor with a packer blade inside to compress the garbage when loading into the hopper.

Step 1

Drive or back the garbage truck squarely in front of the trash collection bin. If using a side loader, bring the truck parallel with the garbage bin on the side with the loader. Leave about 12 inches between the truck and the bin.

Step 2

Activate the loader so it can grab the trash bin. Look at the dashboard in front of you to accomplish this. This will vary according to the make and model, but in general search for a lever that allows you to lower and extend the arms of the loader. Extend the arms of the loader and firmly grasp the trash bin. If you are unsure of the appropriate lever on your model, consult the user's manual.

Step 3

Raise the hopper up and over the truck in a slow, smooth motion and dump the bin into the compactor. Do not jerk the lever up and down or back and forth. Doing so could cause the loader to drop the bin.

Step 4

Maneuver the lever to lower the bin back to the ground. Make sure you operate the lever smoothly so you don't drop or slam the bin on the ground.

Step 5

Activate the compactor to compress the trash so you can pick up your next load. Accomplish this by pressing the corresponding button on your dashboard. This will vary according to make and model and if unsure, you should consult the user's manual.

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