How to Load a Refrigerator Into a Pickup Truck

by Brittany Tucker
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Few things are more challenging than loading a heavy appliance into a pickup truck. If not loaded safely or properly into the pickup truck, you could damage the refrigerator and possibly your health as a result. According to Energy Manager Training, a refrigerator's compressor springs can stretch, compress or break when loaded on the back of a truck and driven down the road. Consider seeking the help of two or three strong individuals to load the refrigerator into your pickup truck.

Step 1

Remove all items from the refrigerator and disconnect the refrigerator from its power source. Take all food and liquid items, pans, trays and shelves from the refrigerator and place them in a safe area. You can secure the loose items in the refrigerator, such as the shelves, with tape instead of removing them from the refrigerator.

Step 2

Defrost the refrigerator and allow it to dry thoroughly. The doors of the refrigerator should be left open several hours to air after defrosting.

Step 3

Slide the refrigerator onto a cart or dolly and roll it to the pickup truck. You can purchase a hand cart or dolly from your local hardware store or rent one from a company specializing in moving, such as U-Haul.

Step 4

Position yourself on one side of the refrigerator and direct the other helpers to opposite sides of the refrigerator. Slightly bend your knees, while maintaining a good grip on the refrigerator and slowly begin lifting the refrigerator up and into the pickup truck. You should keep your body facing the object while you lift it and use slow and smooth movements to avoid hurting or straining the muscles in your back during the process.

Step 5

Slide the refrigerator into the back of the pickup truck, as far as possible and secure it to the vehicle with a strong tie-down or winch. The refrigerator should remain in an upright position throughout transportation. You can purchase tie-downs or a winch from hardware stores.

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