How to Get a New Toyota Car Ignition Key

by Brent Watkins
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Replacing your car key used to be easy. Getting a duplicate key meant simply taking the key to a local store that offered key duplication services. For modern vehicles, the story is much different. Toyota, like many other car manufacturers, now depends on computer technology to provide added security features for its keyless entry remotes. Sure, you can replace the ignition key, but the car will not start or you will not be able to defeat the auto alarm without the companion microchip.

Step 1

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Determine whether you need a replacement or duplicate key. If you lost all available original keys, go to Step 2. If you already have a key (and remote) and simply want to duplicate that key, proceed to Step 3.

Step 2

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Bring proof of ownership for the car key you must replace to either a Toyota dealership or a licensed locksmith. This may consist of one or all of the following documents: car title, registration and proof of insurance.

Step 3

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Write down your Toyota's unique vehicle identification number (VIN), usually found where the dash meets the front windshield. If the vehicle is not coming with you, make sure you also know the make and model.

Step 4

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Visit your local Toyota dealership or licensed locksmith. With the information from Steps 2 and 3, they will determine which key is appropriate for your Toyota and provide a replacement or duplicate.

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