How Much Oil Is Needed for a Muncie Transmission?

by Kara Bietz
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The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used from 1963-1974 on several different GM vehicles and engine types. The Muncie was typically used in performance engines. Changing the oil on these transmissions can be tricky, as the oil-fill port is on the side of the transmission. You will most likely need a hose to fill it, or you can purchase a simple plastic oil-change pump at an auto-parts store.

Step 1

Remove the drain plug. The drain plug has a a square-headed cap. Drain the old oil into an oil pan. Replace the drain cap.

Step 2

Locate the fill port on the right side of the transmission and remove the cap.

Step 3

Using the oil-change pump, fill with oil. Make sure the transmission is level. The Muncie 4-speed transmission will take about three pints, or 1 1/2 quarts of oil. Replace the fill cap.

Step 4

Dispose of the old oil properly.

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