How Much Oil Is Needed for a Muncie Transmission?

by Kara Bietz

The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used from 1963-1974 on several different GM vehicles and engine types. The Muncie was typically used in performance engines. Changing the oil on these transmissions can be tricky, as the oil-fill port is on the side of the transmission. You will most likely need a hose to fill it, or you can purchase a simple plastic oil-change pump at an auto-parts store.

Remove the drain plug. The drain plug has a a square-headed cap. Drain the old oil into an oil pan. Replace the drain cap.

Locate the fill port on the right side of the transmission and remove the cap.

Using the oil-change pump, fill with oil. Make sure the transmission is level. The Muncie 4-speed transmission will take about three pints, or 1 1/2 quarts of oil. Replace the fill cap.

Dispose of the old oil properly.

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