How Much Should it Cost to Have a Master Cylinder Replaced?

by Robert Tomashek

Though their prices vary greatly, most master cylinders basically consist of a housing, pistons, a reservoir, some seals and various sensors. Including the hourly labor, the cost of having a master cylinder replaced can range from a little over $150 to well over $500.

Part Cost

Master cylinder prices are different from one vehicle to the next, based on variables such as size, construction, and additional parts such as sensors or solenoids. The master cylinder on a 2005 Chevrolet Impala costs around $90, for instance, while the same part on a 2005 BMW 525i runs $200.

Labor Time

Similar to part variations, the labor will differ from car to car. The only thing that each car will have in common is that the brake fluid must be bled after replacing the master cylinder. The labor time on the 2005 Impala is 1.3 hours, while the 2005 525i calls for 2.9.

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