Mitsubishi D1500 Tractor Specs

by Cathel Hutchison
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The Mitsubishi D1500 is an early farm/agricultural type tractor available on import and primarily manufactured for the Japanese market. The D1500 was first released during the 1960s. It is a small tractor, considered so because of its rated horsepower value being below 40. The D1500 was once widely available on import and once was one of the most popular tractors on import into the U.S. In recent years its popularity has declined.

General Engine Specifications

The Mitsubishi D1500 has a two-cylinder diesel KE 80 engine with a displacement of 764 cc. The D1500 is only available with two-wheel drive; although the D1550D, which superseded it in 1979, came with four-wheel drive as standard. It is a considered a small tractor, suitable for light farm and agricultural work: it is only able to generate a maximum power output of approximately 19 horsepower.


The Mitsubishi D1500 tractor is equipped with gear drive transmission, which is a mechanism which utilizes toothed wheels that interact and transmit rotary motion, generally transforming angular velocity and torques. Tractors with gear drive transmission are classified according to the relationship between the axles and the drives. This is a feature common to all of Mitsubishi's tractors.

Wheel Specifications

The Mitsubishi D1500 tractors have front tire dimensions of 5 inches by 12 inches. They possess rear tire dimensions of 6 inches by 24 inches.

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