How to Manually Raise an Inboard Outboard Motor

by Eric Cedric

Inboard-outboard boats (I/O) use engines housed in the rear of the boat under a cowling. The propeller and prop shaft is attached to a power trim that raises and lowers this part of the engine. If the power trim malfunctions, the shaft and propeller must be raised manually. It helps to have one or two assistants with the task, which requires coordination to lift the prop-shaft up and lock it into the upright position.

Step 1

Turn the engine off. Check the throttle and ensure it is in neutral. Open the engine cowling.

Step 2

Reach to the back of the engine housing to the back transom -- the very back edge of the boat. Look for two metal pins connecting the shaft to the trim-motor. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the pins from the trim motor, preparing the shaft-propeller to be raised manually. Leave the cowling open.

Step 3

Stand at the back of the boat and have an assistant stand to the other side. Both reach down and grip the shaft handle, typically found at the water line. With both of you gripping, coordinate a slow lift of the shaft. Lift and have the assistant hold it up.

Step 4

Push the lock pins you unscrewed from the motor through the trim settings in the cowling area. Push the pins into the holes at the shaft to lock the engine into the upright position.

Step 5

Close the cowling.

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