How Does a Manual Chain Hoist Work?

by Will Charpentier
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A manual chain hoist is a set of pulleys threaded with chain instead of rope to form a heavyweight block-and-tackle. When suspended from a suitable frame, a chain hoist can lift a heavy object, such as an engine block. The amount of weight the chain hoist can lift safely is clearly marked on the hoist and depends on the number of wheels, called sheaves, in each pulley block.

Making a Lift

Place an A-frame or other support over the weight you wish to lift. Hook the hook on the top of the upper block through the eye-bolt on the A-frame. The upper block of the chain hoist has a loop of chain that is not threaded through the lower block. Set the hook of the lower block through the lifting attachment or gear on the weigh you wish to lift. Grasp the loop of chain that is not threaded through the lower block and pull the chain. By pulling on side of the chain loop, you raise the weight; by pulling the other side of chain loop, you lower the weight.

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