How to Make Tire Lube

by Jack Hathcoat
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Tire lubricant, used to mount and dismount tires, is crucial to successfully completing the job without damaging the tires. Professional tire stores won't work without a good supply at each tire machine. But it's not necessary to buy commercially manufactured lubricant when a homemade version will work just as well. This simple recipe will ensure that rips or tears to the tire's rubber sealing surface won't happen.

Step 1

Half-fill a one-gallon container with water. Add a bottle of inexpensive body-wash to the container. Select a bottle that contains at least 18 fluid ounces. Look for one that contains mineral oil or soybean oil--they contain emulsifiers to prevent the oil from separating in the water.

Step 2

Mix the body wash until it is thoroughly blended with the water. If the mix foams or bubbles, the additive was a bad choice. Do not use shampoo or soaps that will excessively foam. Hair conditioners that have a high oil content or lanolin can be used but they are more expensive. However, the foam will eventually settle and the mix can be used.

Step 3

Lubricate the tire and mount it. There is an added value to a proper mix--it can also be used to wash the protective coating covering the whitewall stripe on a new tire. After completing the mount and washing off the coating, wipe the tire stripe clean with a damp cloth.

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