How to Make Speed Bumps

by Ainsley Patterson

It can be very dangerous when drivers speed through small neighborhoods or apartment complexes where children may be at play. One way to try and deter speeders in such areas is by installing speed bumps so that drivers have to slow down or risk damage to their vehicle.

Check into local regulations regarding the installation of speed bumps, as you made need to get permission from a local office before you install your speed bumps.

Measure and mark with your chalk every 200 feet where you would like to place the speed bumps.

Apply adhesive to the ground where the speed bumps are to be placed and then place speed bumps onto the adhesive, using equally distributed weight to ensure that they adhere properly.

Use lag bolts to adhere the speed bumps to the ground more securely if manufacturer's instructions tell you to do so.

Block off the area where the speed bumps have been installed until the adhesive has dried thoroughly to prevent vehicles from driving over them before they are ready.


  • check You can find pre-fabricated speed bumps at the websites located in the Resources section.

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