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How to Make Parking Brake Adjustments in a VW Jetta

by Contributor

Make parking brake adjustments to your VW Jetta easily inside your car to avoid getting dirty. You should adjust your parking brake when your car starts to slip down a hill. Use these instructions for your 2004 VW Jetta.

Step 1

Remove the center console cover located around the parking brake lever. Your parking brake lever is between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat.

Step 2

Press down on your brake pedal with your foot and let up on the pedal. Do this three times.

Step 3

Pull up on your parking brake lever to the highest position and release the parking brake lever to the lowest position. Do this three times. Put the parking brake lever in the lowest position.

Step 4

Use your pliers or wrench to adjust the parking brake adjuster nut. Find this nut on the end of the rod sticking out from the back of the parking brake lever. Make the adjuster nut have a gap of 0.039 to 0.118 inches (1.0 to 3.0mm) from the brake caliper stop.

Raise your VW Jetta in the air with a jack and support the back wheels with jack stands. Make sure the back wheels spin freely after the adjustment. Repeat Step 4, adjusting the adjuster nut until the rear wheels spin freely.


  • This guide is based on information for your 2004 VW Jetta. Check your owner's documentation for your specific model year for the right tools, methods and parts for your VW Jetta.

Items you will need

  • Pliers or wrench
  • Jack and jack stands

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