How to Make Your Own Flip Key

by David Kazmer
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Flip keys are a wonderful accessory to own for any automobile enthusiast. Often times it is either too expensive or impossible to purchase a flip key for the make and model of your vehicle. Wow your friends, family, and neighbors with a feature to your car that you may make yourself.

Steps to Make Your Own Flip Key

Step 1

Purchase a flip key. Do an online search to start looking using the keywords, "flip key."

Step 2

Cut the blank key to match your car's key, once you have purchased the key. This can be done wherever you normally have your keys made.

Step 3

Test the copied key to make sure it works.

Step 4

Program the flip key by inserting your original key into the ignition and turning the car electrical on. The engine should not be running. Exit your vehicle.

Step 5

Lock the car using your newly cut flip key. Press the unlock button, wait seven seconds and then press it again.

Step 6

Turn off the ignition and pull out the key

Step 7

Pull the flip key’s top half away from the blade half and remove the Volkswagen badge. You see a Philips head screw. Remove the screw and separate the two halves.

Step 8

Remove the transponder from inside. Replace it with a transponder from one of your keys.

Step 9

Put the two halves back together.

Step 10

Turn the top half counter-clockwise twice. Clip it in place.

Step 11

Screw the halves back together.

Step 12

Re-assemble the entire key.

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