How to Look Up Old Harley-Davidson Parts Numbers

by Morgan Owens

If you are looking for a part for an old Harley-Davidson you will need to know the part number. Fortunately, this information is available in several places for Harley-Davidsons as old as 1941.


Visit your local Harley-Davidson dealership and look through its parts and accessories catalog.


Order a Harley-Davidson Parts Catalog from the Harley-Davidson website (see "Resources"). This will take you to the page on the Harley-Davidson website from which you can order the parts catalog for Harley-Davidson models as old as 1941.


Visit, which is where you can access schematic diagrams for Harley-Davidsons as old as 1941. Simply click on the model year of the bike for which you are attempting to find a part number. Select the model of the Harley-Davidson from the next page; either enter the name of the part or click on the diagram for the portion of the bike in which the part is located. The parts numbers will be displayed below the diagram.


  • check You can also order the part you are looking for directly from

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