How to Locate the Paint Codes on a Chevy Tahoe

by Irene A. Blake

Paint codes or "paint color codes"---imprinted on a label or plate on a vehicle by the manufacturer---serve as a reference for vehicle owners, dealers and professional vehicle painters/detailers to find the exact color of paint originally used by the manufacturer. Chevrolet has placed Tahoe paint codes on the Tahoe's "service parts identification sticker." Whether you're repainting your Tahoe or simply touching up some scarred, scratched or flaked areas, Chevy makes it easy to locate and read your Tahoe's paint codes.

Step 1

Open the passenger's side of your Chevrolet Tahoe.

Step 2

Open the glove box. If you locked your glove box, unlock it with your keys.

Step 3

Search the glove box for a white paper or silver label with "SERVICE PARTS IDENTIFICATION" and/or "DO NOT REMOVE" written across the top and a series of codes written numerically, alphabetically and alpha-numerically (only numbers, only letters and letters/numbers combined).

Step 4

Shine your flashlight on the label and look below the series of codes for a blank space followed beneath by the letters "BC/CC" or "U" and a four-digit code. BC/CC refers to the "BaseCoat/ClearCoat" paint used on your Tahoe. U refers to the "Upper" color or body color. If your Tahoe has two tones of paint, look for a U/four-digit code as well as an "L" for the "Lower" or bumper color and four-digit code.

Step 5

Write down the code(s).

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