Lincoln Town Car Problems

by Dennis Hartman

The Lincoln Town Car has been available since 1982 through American automaker Ford's Lincoln Division. The full-size luxury sedan is the basis for limousines and is commonly used as a livery vehicle. Despite its long history and reputation for quality, the Lincoln Town Car has been plagued by several problems.

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Electrical Problems

Some of the most common problems with the Lincoln Town Car involve the vehicle's electrical system. Owners have reported issues with the power automatic window switch, air conditioning controls, power adjustable driver's seat and cruise control. Each of these problems can be the result of a faulty motor, corroded wiring or wear and tear. Other electrical problems with the Town Car involve more fundamental components, including the battery and alternator.

Engine Issues

Another group of problems that plague Town Car owners involve the vehicle's engine. These issues are especially common on second-generation Town Cars from the early and mid 1990s. In some cases, an engine doesn't start. Other problems involve the manifold, which can leak and cause engine coolant to be burned. This creates a serious risk of overheating. Town Cars from the late1990s and early 2000s have become notorious for faulty fuel pumps.

Safety Recalls

The Town Car has been the subject of several safety recalls by Ford. Several of these dealt with the seat belts. In 2000, Ford issued three separate recalls of Town Cars to repair known issues with the front and rear seat belt anchorage assemblies. In all, over 1,000 cars were affected. Another safety recall in 2000 involved 10,000 Town Car limousines, which were at risk of having tires blow out after having failed to comply with tire safety standards.

Mechanical Recalls

A number of other recalls not directly related to safety included the Town Car as well. In 2007, the Town Car was part of a recall that included more than 3.5 million vehicles for repair to the wiring harness on the cruise control assembly. Also in 2007, nearly 9,000 Town Cars were recalled for an issue involving the front suspension. The rear suspension was addressed in a 2004 recall of more than 47,000 models. A 2005 recall for problems with battery cables included nearly 100,000 vehicles.

General Issues

Besides its known mechanical and safety issues, the Lincoln Town Car has been criticized for some of its general shortcomings. The car's large size and weight make it difficult to maneuver, especially for drivers used to smaller cars. Likewise, the Town Car's size and V8 engine mean its fuel economy is below average for a modern sedan. Some auto critics have cited Ford's lack of attention to the model, resulting in a lack of modern features and an outdated look.

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