Leak in Rack & Pinion Power Steering

by Jay Motes
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A leak in a rack and pinion power steering system is a problem that should not be ignored. A leak in the rack and pinion is a sign of damage or wear that may result in the failure of the power steering system.

Finding the Leak

Leaks in the steering system may drip onto the rack and pinion, making it appear to be leaking. To be certain that the rack and pinion are leaking, wipe the steering mechanisms clean and have a helper turn the steering wheel with the car running while inspecting the power steering system for leaks.

Stopping the Leak

Power steering stop leak is an additive that is placed into the power steering fluid. The stop leak is designed to swell and soften seals and gaskets and may stop leaks in the rack and pinion system. Though the stop leak will not repair serious damage in the rack and pinion, it is inexpensive and worth trying.

Rack and Pinion Repair

Though the rack and pinion can be rebuilt, the repair is difficult and time consuming. It is easier to simply replace the entire unit. Racks are sold as long racks or short racks; long racks have bellows and the inner tire rod attached, while the short rack is sold without bellows or the inner tie rod.

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